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Update's Compustam
Our pidgeonadministrationprogram is available in a version 2020 for Windows 7 - 11 (versie 7 and higher). This program is developed for the P.C. and the Cloud to keep up with all the data regarding the pigeons

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Compustam for Windows Version 2020

This program provides a quick and easy way for pigeon fanciers to manage all their pigeon data and is designed for Windows 95/98/ME/XP/NT/Vista/7/8/10

Pedigrees can be recorded in an infinite number of generations. The pedigrees can be printed in several lay-outs from 4 to 7 generations. Pictures of the pigeons can be added to the pigeon data and printed on to the pedigree.

Racing results
Racing results can be added at 16 different levels eg. Club, Section, Federation, National etc.. The program can select the best results of each pigeon automatically and add these to the pedigree. The program is also able to select the best pigeons based on many different selection criteria given by the user. Result lists can be generated for a pigeon or a race.

Each year you can enter 999 breeding couples and for each pair you can enter all the important information for 9 rounds of youngsters.
The program can find 99 generations of offspring for the pigeon.
Other features include pair listing, nest box cards, lists of youngsters and pro-forma pedigrees can all be printed.

The program is available in several languages (English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish) and already has over 13,000 enthusiastic users worldwide. The author is the leading company in pigeon software in the Netherlands.

Compustam for Windows version 9 (2020) is available for just € 150,-  (Postage not included)

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